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We play in youth 5v5 flag football tournaments and 3v3/4v4 soccer tournaments year-round.

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Face the facts, if you want to compete, you have to work for it. But at the same time and more importantly, kids want to HAVE FUN!

A survey was conducted by The U.S. Olympic Committee, Aspen Institute & Nike…

Experts gave kids 81 choices & asked them to rank what’s fun. The Results…

#1 Trying Your Best
#2 Getting Treated with Respect
#3 Playing Time
#4 Playing Well As a Team

#48 Winning

That’s why we push our kids to be the best that they can be and provide them with as much opportunity as possible to strive. Learn more about the pack.

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Play in flag football & soccer tournaments anytime of the year.
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Flag Football Prosper

Several of our players play multiple sports in various rec leagues throughout Celina, Prosper & Frisco (IE: PYSA, i9 Sport). Every month or so, the pack gets together to play in local tournaments where they can play 3-6 games in one weekend to fast-track game experience & skill development.

Plus, we also enjoy the chances to win rings, trophies and/or other swag 😀

Dallas-based Companies Sponsor Prosper Youth Football & Soccer Programs

DFW-based companies Q Sciences & Cornerstone Marketing Solutions help local youth flag football teams compete in regional tournaments in the DFW area. PROSPER, TEXAS, USA, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wolfpack FC, Prosper/Frisco’s premier flag football and soccer club has just been sponsored by Q Sciences and Cornerstone Marketing Solutions. Thanks to local DFW-based companies like these, 20+ kids ages 6-10 have jerseys & are able to play in multiple local summer tournaments throughout

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Wolfpack Featured on Cowboy Stadium Brochures

Despite the very slim loses to the championship teams at the latest FFWCT Regional, players Eli Ellison (6u) and James Harrison (8U) stood out and made enough of an impression on the media crew to get featured on both of the Cowboy Stadium summer brochures! How cool is that !?!? Maybe it’s because that crew already knows who’s coming to the Cowboy Stadium tournament to win it! 😀 Either way,

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A Few Clips From the FFWCT Regional Flag Football Tournament

  That was a fun tournament. Next tourney I will record more. Gray with TD pass to Tre Chase with the Pick!

FFWCT Dallas Regional Results

The Wolfpack was able to field 3 teams in the recent Dallas Regional flag football tournament. 6U “The Wolf Pups”, a newly formed team came out ready to play. Tied game one and won game 2. The next day, they won their 1st playoff game 28 – 0. Game 2, they faced the Centex Spartans out of Austin. With a fight to the end, the pups ended up losing 6-7

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Join the Pack!

Play in flag football & soccer tournaments anytime of the year.
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Consider us as a resource. If you found yourself searching on Google for “flag football leagues near me” or for the next Texas flag football tournament, or maybe you want a full list of all the 3v3 or 4v4 soccer events happening in the DWF-area for 2021. Whatever it is, we’d love to help!

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